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Middlesex County Criminal Defense Attorney

Sam Zaganjori, the owner of Zaganjori Law Office, is dedicated to aggressively defending people charged with crimes in state and federal court in Massachusetts. He is an experienced, aggressive former prosecutor that fights for his clients. He will treat you and your case with respect and dedication.

Attorney Zaganjori represents adults and juveniles who have been charged with a crime, received a summons to appear for a clerk-magistrate hearing or may be under investigation by any law enforcement agency. He also represents people looking to seal a criminal record, obtain or defend against a restraining order, or reinstate a driver’s license. He also represents victims of crime seeking assistance with the court process.

Middlesex County Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Zaganjori is proudly based in the city of Woburn, which is conveniently located in the heart of Middlesex County. As a Woburn criminal defense attorney, he serves all of eastern Massachusetts with a particular emphasis on the courts of Middlesex County, where he previously worked as an Assistant District Attorney. Zaganjori Law Office is steps away from the Woburn District Court and within a short drive of Woburn Superior Court. The office is a short drive away from several district courts, including Malden District Court, Cambridge District Court, Waltham District Court and Lowell District Court.

Zaganjori Law Office
An Experienced Trial Attorney

Experience matters. You want an attorney who has handled the most serious and complex cases. Attorney Zaganjori has had trials in the United States District Court, Woburn Superior Court, Lowell Superior Court, Cambridge District Court, Malden District Court, Lowell District Court and other Massachusetts courts.

In Massachusetts, adult criminal defendants are charged in either the District Court or the Superior Court. The vast majority of cases are filed in the District Court while the most serious cases are brought in the Superior Court. Whether you are charged in the District Court or indicted in the Superior Court, you need an attorney with experience and competence.

As a former prosecutor and a dedicated Woburn criminal defense attorney, Attorney Zaganjori has handled virtually every type of matter arising under Massachusetts criminal law. He has been lead counsel in hundreds of cases in the District Court, including operating under the influence, drug offenses, firearms cases, domestic abuse and larceny. He has handled countless motion hearings, dangerousness hearings, arraignments and changes of plea. He has appeared in every District Court in Middlesex County. He has also represented clients in most divisions of the Boston Municipal Court.

Attorney Zaganjori has also handled many significant cases and jury trials in the Superior Court, including Woburn Superior Court, Lowell Superior Court and Suffolk Superior Court. He has a wealth of experience as a prosecutor and as defense counsel handling cases involving sex offenses. He has represented clients charged with first degree murder, armed assault with intent to murder, armed robbery and other major felonies.

Attorney Zaganjori is also an experienced federal criminal defense attorney in the District of Massachusetts. He is a member of the Criminal Justice Act Panel, a selective group of attorneys that represent indigent defendants in federal court. He represents clients charged in Boston federal court and Worcester federal court.

Honest Legal Advice, Aggressive Representation

Your case belongs to you. An attorney's job is to give the client an honest assessment of the case, advise the client of the options, and respect the client's decision. Attorney Zaganjori fights for his clients, whether they choose to take the case to trial or decide to seek a pretrial resolution.

Most criminal cases are resolved with either a trial or a plea by the defendant. This is often the most difficult decision that a criminal defendant makes. It is critical that a client understand his options.

A defendant should never give up his right to a trial until all other options have been exhausted. Attorney Zaganjori will challenge the prosecution’s evidence. He will gather evidence that is favorable to the client. When needed, he will retain the services of a private investigator. He will carefully review the prosecution’s evidence and, when appropriate, file a motion to dismiss where the evidence is insufficient. He will also take a hard look at how the evidence was gathered and seek to have any illegally seized evidence suppressed.

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If you have been charged with a crime or are under investigation, every day counts. An aggressive criminal defense attorney does not wait. You have rights that need to be protected. It is crucial to conduct an investigation and start developing a defense as early as possible in the process. Any delay can result in the loss of favorable evidence.

Contact Zaganjori Law Office any time of day. There is no fee for a telephone consultation. Attorney Zaganjori will then meet with the prospective client as soon as possible. Once hired, Attorney Zaganjori will always be accessible and responsive to the client.

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