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Criminal Appeals

A criminal conviction can be devastating to a person and his loved ones. The aftermath of a loss at trial can leave them feeling hopeless and powerless. Yet it is important to remember that the jury’s verdict is not the end of the fight. A person convicted of a crime has the right to pursue an appeal to the Massachusetts Appeals Court and, if necessary, to seek review by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. There may even be grounds for an appeal to a federal court. The defendant may also have a basis to file a motion for a new trial in the court that heard the trial.

The appeals process is lengthy and complicated. It is essential to have an experienced Massachusetts appeals lawyer. If you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime, call Attorney Sam Zaganjori.

Massachusetts Criminal Appeals

Any person convicted of a crime in Massachusetts has the right to seek a direct appeal of his conviction. An appeal is not a second trial. It does not typically involve calling witnesses or presenting evidence. An appeal is a legal challenge to the conviction based upon a mistake made by the trial court. The Appeals Court does not typically weigh guilt or innocence. Instead, it reviews the proceedings in the trial court to see if the judge made any mistake that would warrant a new trial or, in some cases, an entry of a not guilty finding.

The appeals process can be frustratingly slow. The trial court must produce written transcripts of the trial. This can take months, particularly in lengthy Superior Court trials. Once the transcripts are ready, the case is entered in the Appeals Court. The defendant must then review the transcripts and draft the appeal. The prosecution then has the chance to respond. A defendant may reply to that response.

In most cases, the Appeals Court will conduct an oral argument where the attorneys argue their positions before a panel of three judges. This may occur several months after the briefs are filed. It may take several months from the date of the argument for the court to issue its decision.

Although the appeals process takes some time, it is important to contact an appeals attorney as soon as possible. A defendant is required to file a notice of appeal within a certain amount of time after the conviction. Contact a Massachusetts criminal appeals lawyer as soon as possible.

Motions for New Trial

A person can also challenge a criminal conviction by filing a motion for a new trial in the court where the trial was conducted. It will usually be heard by the same judge that presided over the trial. Motions for new trial can be based upon a number of factors, including newly-discovered evidence, prosecutorial misconduct, and ineffective representation by the defendant’s trial attorney.

A Qualified Massachusetts Criminal Appeals Attorney

Attorney Sam Zaganjori is qualified to handle any criminal appeal or motion for a new trial. He represents clients who have been convicted in the Massachusetts Superior Court, District Court and Juvenile Court. He also represents clients who have been convicted in federal court.

Attorney Zaganjori has considerable experience handling appellate matters. He has drafted briefs and appeared before the Massachusetts Appeals Court. He is a member of the Committee for Public Counsel Services Appeals and Post-Conviction Panel. He represents several indigent clients who have been convicted of serious felonies in the Superior Court. He is also admitted to practice in the federal First Circuit Court of Appeals.

Attorney Zaganjori has served as an adjunct professor of appellate advocacy at New England School of Law in Boston.  He taught second-year law students about the drafting and presentation of appellate briefs. At the end of each semester, he presided over moot court proceedings with a panel of volunteer attorneys serving as judges.

Call a Massachusetts Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Attorney Sam Zaganjori is a Woburn attorney that represents individuals that have been convicted of a crime in state or federal court. He handles appeals from every part of Massachusetts. He offers a free consultation. He will meet with a client as soon as possible. He will explain the options and recommend a course of action. If you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime, call Attorney Sam Zaganjori today at 781-496-2848.