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Federal Drug Crimes

If you’ve been charged with a federal drug crime, it is important to speak to a qualified Massachusetts federal drug crime attorney. Attorney Sam Zaganjori is an experienced trial attorney that will fight for you. He is a member of the Criminal Justice Act Panel, a selective group of attorneys that represent indigent defendants in federal court. He has handled many drug cases in United States District Court. He is a Woburn-based drug crime attorney that represents clients in federal court in Boston and Worcester.

Federal Drug Crime Attorney

Being charged with a federal drug crime is a daunting and potentially life-changing experience. Federal law enforcement conducts lengthy investigations that often involve wiretaps, surveillance video, controlled drug buys and many other investigative techniques. Agents will often arrest someone without warning after months of investigation. The penalties for federal drug crimes can be devastating. It is crucial to have an experienced federal drug crime attorney.

An Aggressive Defense to Federal Drug Crimes

The first major step in the defense of a drug case usually involves getting the client out of custody while the case is pending. In federal court, defendants are typically either held without bail or released on conditions. Cash bail is rare. Federal prosecutors will often seek to detain a defendant charged with drug crimes prior to trial. If so, the defendant is entitled to a detention hearing to determine whether he should be released while the case is pending. Attorney Zaganjori will aggressively fight any request for detention.

As the case moves forward, the prosecution will turn over most of the evidence that they intend to use at trial. This is called discovery. In federal cases, the amount of discovery can be very large. It is important that a drug crime attorney and his client closely examine all of the government’s evidence.

Many federal drug cases involve police stops and warrantless searches. In any case involving a pedestrian stop, a motor vehicle stop or a warrantless search of someone’s person, home or automobile, Attorney Zaganjori will take a hard look at how the evidence was obtained. Other times, evidence is seized pursuant to a search warrant or a “Title III” wiretap warrant. In that instance, Attorney Zaganjori will closely review the application to make sure that the warrant was supported by probable cause and was otherwise legally valid. In any case where evidence was seized illegally, he will file a motion to suppress the evidence so that it cannot be used at trial.

If a drug case is going to trial, Attorney Zaganjori will devote himself to giving the client the strongest possible defense. He has extensive trial experience and will not be intimidated by the vast resources that federal prosecutors have at their disposal.

Federal Drug Sentencing

In some cases, a client may decide to plead guilty before trial. Sentencing in federal courts is a complex process that depends largely on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. These are rules that give guidance to judges who are sentencing a federal defendant. They are lengthy and complicated. It is important to have an attorney who is experienced with the Sentencing Guidelines.

The “guideline sentencing range” depends on many factors. The quantity of the drugs involved is often the most significant factor. It is very common for there to be disagreement over the correct sentence calculation. A Massachusetts federal drug crime attorney must have familiarity with the Sentencing Guidelines and be willing to fight for the correct sentence. Judges will sometimes allow evidentiary hearings – with testimony and evidence – to determine the appropriate sentence.

Attorney Zaganjori will fight hard at sentencing to make sure that the client is treated fairly. He will object to any inaccurate guideline calculations and push back against unreasonable sentencing recommendations by the prosecution. He will file a detailed sentencing memorandum, collect letters of support and present the court with all favorable information at sentencing.

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