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Firearms Crimes

In Massachusetts, the possession firearms is heavily regulated. The laws and regulations relating to firearm licensing are complex and often times difficult to understand. Failure to properly follow the laws relating to firearm possession can result in severe punishments, including jail time. Attorney Sam Zaganjori is an experienced trial attorney that will fight for you. He is a Woburn gun crimes lawyer that represents clients charged with gun crimes all over eastern Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Gun Crimes

Most gun charges stem from an accusation that someone possessed a firearm without a Firearms Identification Card (FID) or a License to Carry (LTC). The penalties can be severe. The law criminalizes illegal possession of a firearm and illegally carrying a firearm. “Carrying” usually involves having the gun in a vehicle or a place other than the person’s home or place of business. Conviction for illegal carrying a firearm carries a mandatory 18-month sentence. The punishment can be even more severe if the firearm was loaded, if the firearm was a large capacity weapon, or if the person has a prior conviction for a gun crime.

It is also a crime in Massachusetts to improperly store a firearm. The law requires a person to store a firearm, rifle or shotgun in a locked container or to equip it with a tamper-resistant mechanical lock or other safety device, properly engaged so as to render such weapon inoperable by any person other than the owner or other lawfully authorized user. Improper storage of a firearm is a criminal offense punishable with incarceration and a fine.

An Aggressive Defense to Gun Charges

Sam Zaganjori is a Woburn gun crimes attorney that will aggressively challenge the prosecution’s case. He handles firearms cases in District Court, Superior Court and federal court.

Defending gun crimes requires an attorney to consider all options, including seeking to suppress the evidence. Many gun cases involve police stops and warrantless searches. In any case involving a pedestrian stop, a motor vehicle stop or a warrantless search of someone’s person, home or automobile, Attorney Zaganjori will take a hard look at how the evidence was obtained. If evidence was seized with a search warrant, he will closely review the application to make sure that the warrant was supported by probable cause. In any case where evidence was seized illegally, he will file a motion to suppress the firearm evidence so that it cannot be used at trial.

There are a number of other defenses that can come into play in a gun case. Typically, the prosecution must prove that the firearm was operational. This means that it must be capable of discharging a shot or bullet. If there is a question about whether the gun is operational, Attorney Zaganjori will consider retaining a firearms expert to examine the gun and determine if it was operatonal.

There are also exemptions in the law that allow a person to possess a firearm without an FID card or a License to Carry. Attorney Zaganjori will look closely at the facts of the case to determine if any of these exemptions apply.

If a gun case is going to trial, Attorney Zaganjori will devote himself to giving the client the strongest possible defense. In some cases, the client may decide to seek a pretrial resolution instead of going to trial. In that instance, Attorney Zaganjori will work to get the client the best possible resolution.

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Attorney Sam Zaganjori is a Woburn gun crimes attorney that represents individuals charged in District Court, Superior Court and federal court. He represents clients in courts throughout eastern Massachusetts. He offers a free consultation. He will meet with you as soon as possible to discuss your case. He will explain the process and the best course of action. He will aggressively defend you. If you have been charged with a gun crime, call Attorney Zaganjori today at 781-496-2848.