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Massachusetts Drug Crimes

If you’ve been charged with a drug offense in Massachusetts, it is important that you speak to a qualified Massachusetts drug crime attorney. Attorney Sam Zaganjori is an experienced trial attorney that will fight for you. He is a Woburn-based drug crime attorney that represents clients charged with drug offenses all over eastern Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Drug Crime Attorney

Massachusetts drug laws regulate a broad range of substances, which are divided into five classes:

  • Class A includes heroin and certain other derivatives of opium. Class A drugs are considered the most potent and dangerous controlled substances.
  • Class B includes powder cocaine and crack cocaine. It also includes drugs commonly known as PCP and MDMA.
  • Class C includes various substances, including certain prescription medications like Klonopin and Ativan.
  • Class D includes marijuana and other substances. Massachusetts law regarding marijuana has changed in recent years and is expected to change further in the near future.
  • Class E includes various substances, including certain prescription drugs that are not included in any of the other classes.
Massachusetts Drug Charges

The severity of the charge depends on the person’s alleged misconduct. Depending on the facts of the case, a person can be charged with:

  • Simple Possession
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute
  • Distribution of a Controlled Substance
  • Trafficking

Potential penalties vary based on many factors. Some of the most significant factors are the class of the drug, the weight of the drugs involved and the defendant’s criminal history.

Individuals charged with drug crimes often suffer from addiction. In those cases, it is important to have an experienced Woburn drug crime attorney to advocate for rehabilitation and treatment rather than incarceration. Many Massachusetts district courts have drug courts specifically for those suffering from addiction. Attorney Zaganjori has successfully represented many clients charged with drug crimes.

Mandatory Minimum Offenses

Massachusetts law imposes mandatory minimum sentences in certain circumstances:

School Zone violations

The most common example is known as a “school-zone” violation. The law treats certain drug offenses more harshly if they occurred within 300 feet of a school or within 100 feet of a park during certain hours of the day. The effect of a school zone charge can be significant.

For anyone convicted of a school-zone charge, the mandatory sentence is no less than two years in the House of Correction, even if it is a first-time offense. The individual is not eligible for parole until serving half of the sentence.

School zone charges are treated very differently depending on which District Attorney’s office is prosecuting the case. Some District Attorney’s offices are much more willing to dismiss a school zone charge than others. It is important to have an experienced Massachusetts school zone attorney to navigate this process and avoid a mandatory two-year sentence.


Massachusetts law imposes minimum penalties for people convicted of trafficking controlled substances in certain quantities. When the drugs in question meet statutory “trafficking weights,” the penalties can be very severe:

Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Cocaine Trafficking:

  • 18 to 35 grams of cocaine: 2 years in state prison
  • 36 to 99 grams of cocaine: 3.5 years in state prison
  • 100 to 199 grams of cocaine: 8 years in state prison
  • 200 grams or more of cocaine: 12 years in state prison

Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Heroin Trafficking:

  • 18 to 35 grams of heroin: 3.5 years in state prison
  • 36 to 99 grams of heroin: 5 years in state prison
  • 100-199 grams of heroin: 8 years in state prison
  • 200 or more grams of heroin: 12 years in state prison
An Aggressive Defense to Drug Crimes

Sam Zaganjori is a Woburn drug crime attorney that will aggressively challenge the prosecution’s case. He handles drug cases in District Court, Superior Court and federal court.

Defending drug crimes requires an attorney to consider all options. Many drug cases involve police stops and warrantless searches. In any case involving a pedestrian stop, a motor vehicle stop or a warrantless search of someone’s person, home or automobile, Attorney Zaganjori will take a hard look at how the evidence was obtained. If evidence was seized with a search warrant, he will closely review the application to make sure that the warrant was supported by probably cause. In any case where evidence was seized illegally, he will file a motion to suppress the evidence so that it cannot be used at trial.

Many drug cases require an independent investigation. When appropriate, Attorney Zaganjori will work with a private investigator to gather additional evidence. He may also retain an expert witness to review the evidence or to testify at trial.

If a drug case is going to trial, Attorney Zaganjori will devote himself to giving the client the strongest possible defense. In some cases, the client may decide to seek a pretrial resolution instead of going to trial. In that instance, Attorney Zaganjori will work to get the client the best possible resolution.

Attorney Zaganjori is an experience drug crime attorney that is dedicated to defending clients charged with Massachusetts drug crimes.