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Motor Vehicle Crimes

Being charged with a criminal motor vehicle offense can have a dramatic impact on the person charged. Many of these offenses carry the potential for a jail sentence, probation, fines, “points” on your insurance and a license suspension. If you have been cited or charged with a motor vehicle crime, call Sam Zaganjori, a Woburn motor vehicle lawyer, today.

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Offenses

Massachusetts law recognizes many criminal offenses related to the operation of a motor vehicle. In addition to OUI, the following motor vehicle infractions are actually criminal offenses:

  • leaving the scene of property damage
  • leaving the scene of personal injury
  • motor vehicle homicide
  • negligent operation of a motor vehicle
  • unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle
  • operating with a suspended license
  • operating with a suspended registration
  • attaching the wrong license plates

Attorney Zaganjori represents clients charged with Massachusetts motor vehicle offenses in the District Court, Juvenile Court and Superior Court.

Being Charged with a Motor Vehicle Crime

Not surprisingly, many motor vehicle cases start behind the wheel. Often times a person is pulled over by police or is involved in a crash. If a police officer believes that a crime has occurred, he or she can arrest the driver or issue them a citation. If the person is arrested, he will eventually have to appear in court before a judge. If the officer issues a citation, the driver will have appear in court for a clerk-magistrate hearing. If you receive a citation or a summons to a clerk-magistrate’s hearing, do not wait until after the hearing to contact a Woburn motor vehicle attorney. The clerk-magistrate hearing may be the best chance to avoid the issuance of criminal charges.

Aggressive Defense to Motor Vehicle Crimes

If criminal charges do issue, it is important to resolve the case in a way that is most favorable to the client. Some clients decide to resolve the case prior to trial. If that is the client’s choice, Attorney Zaganjori will fight for a result that protects the client’s liberty, finances and driver’s license.

In some cases, there may be potential motions to be filed with the goal of having the case dismissed. For example, a defendant can bring a motion to dismiss under the Massachusetts “no-fix” statute if the citation was not issued at the proper time. If the motor vehicle was improperly stopped or if the driver was illegally questioned, Attorney Zaganjori will bring a motion to suppress evidence in the case. He will take a very close look at all evidence in the case to see if there is a basis for any pretrial motions.

If a client chooses to take the case to trial, Attorney Zaganjori will devote himself to preparing the strongest possible defense. This can include interviewing potential witnesses, searching for video or electronic evidence, producing maps of the alleged scene of the crime and having photographs taken. In cases involving an accident, he will consider retaining an expert on accident reconstruction. He may also work with a private investigator to identify and locate witnesses. When a case goes to trial, it is essential that every piece of helpful evidence be located and presented. Attorney Zaganjori will work diligently to make sure that happens.

Call an Attorney for Help with your Motor Vehicle Case

Attorney Sam Zaganjori is a Woburn motor vehicle lawyer. He represents clients throughout eastern Massachusetts. He offers a free consultation. He will take the time to honestly explain your options. He will explain the process and the best course of action. Call today at 781-496-2848.